After-sales service


After-sales service personnel will make regular follow-up visit on the quality of the furnace wall after construction and the sold refractory materials and ask customers for opinions. After receiving the feedback information, we will give the solution as soon as possible and send technicians to the site to guide if necessary. Problems occur during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge. If problems we resolve are beyond the warranty period, we will charge a reasonable fee.


Instructions for After-sales Service


I. General principles:

1. Client is the first;

2. Have positive and enthusiastic work attitude during the after-sales service process. Establish a after-sales team with professional skills and quality, and resolutely safeguard the overall image of the company;

3. Propose the solution on the basis of technical requirement of the contract and facts. Take solving problems as the goal to standardize after-sales service work. To ensure that the client can enjoy the largest benefits when they use our materials and services, to improve the user’s satisfaction and trust with the product and to improve the market share of our products. Specially formulate after-sales service management system and work processes.


II. The content of the after-sales service:

1. According to the contract and technical agreement (requirements), if the product or engineering has problems in quality during the warranty period due to our materials, construction and furnaces, we will provide users with repair or replacement of damaged materials free of charge;

2. For product quality (warranty period) caused by improper use by the user or other factors, make a clear reply to the client and resolve according to the actual situation, and charge relevant fees from the client;

3. As for maintenance beyond the warranty period, offer (materials, equipment, construction, travel fee, etc.) through the company. Prepare the program according to the fact. After the program has been approved by the company, contact the user to implement it as soon as possible;

4. Regularly organize technical staff to visit the users to learn about the use of the product and collect the users’ opinions on construction, design and drying of the product. The visited should be performed six months after the product is used by the users;

5. From the date when the construction has been completed and the acceptance has been done by the user, a follow-up visit through telephones should be made every three months. During the follow-up visit, focus on the use, construction and operation of the material and collect and record the users’ opinions. Immediately reply to the after-sales service director if there is any problem. Implement as soon as possible if there is any written instruction;

6. Advertise the product, construction and service of our company to the client during the service to promote the brand image of our company.


III. Standard and requirement of after-sales service:

1. After-sales service personnel must establish the concept that “customer satisfaction is the test standard for service work” and make every effort to timely provide users with service;

2. After receiving the user’s service information, make a reply within 8 hours. If the problem needs to the resolved at the scene, arrive at the scene within time period prescribed by the user and effectively implement the commitment to the user;

3. Try to make professional advice and analysis. If the after-sales service personnel is not certain about the resolving method, timely report to the chief engineer of the after-sales service director and formulate a rigorous program as soon as possible. Make efforts to establish a after-sales service team with quality and qualification;

4. Carefully check the program made by the personnel who have done the follow-up visit and accurately analyze the problem. One problem cannot repeatedly happen;

5. After completing the task, the service personnel should carefully fill in the After-sales Service Table. The user must sign on it and must fill in the Service Opinion Questionnaire. If condition allows, the user should stamp on it;

6. Create a user service file and fill in the problem found in the follow-up visit, the solution, the cause of the problem, customer comments and photo backup;

7. Register calling and letter of the user and make records about the dispatching personnel for the after-sales service and reimbursement.